Delight your guests with the world's finest cuisines and superb service!

Gastronaut Catering Stockholm brings you culinary masterpieces from around the world by talented immigrant chefs. When choosing us, you choose high-quality catering while supporting immigrants.

Gastronaut Catering Stockholm is the only catering company in the Nordics to be nominated for a prestigious culinary award (Trailblazer of the Year, WhiteGuide2018) alongside a well-known Swedish chef with a total of four Michelin stars and two other award-winning chefs. This year we were also awarded “Best International Dining Experience” and “Most Socially-Conscious Caterer” by the UK Food & Drinks Awards and became Fotografiska’s official catering partner.

Our talented immigrant chefs cook delicious dishes from their home-countries that celebrate craftsmanship and culture through amazing flavours from around the world. Our food will make your guests feel great while at the same time provide a happy cultural twist that gets people excited and interacting.

While you and your guests enjoy our catering service you are helping by creating jobs, integration opportunities and financial sustainability for immigrants, without doing or paying anything extra!

It’s simply much better food for a much better world.

Why choose gastronaut catering Stockholm?

We create custom menus for your needs & wishes.

You should not have to choose from pre-made, generic menus. Gastronaut Catering always creates the right food menu for your event.

Great service makes amazing food even better!

You’ll receive the best catering service you have ever experienced before, during and after your event. Check our reviews below, and on Google!

We’ve got you covered in every occasion

For a work lunch, exclusive banquets, full day conference, food-box or buffé, breakfast to dinner or mingle, small budget or royal meal.

High-quality food that will engage your guests.

Our food will make your guests feel great while at the same time provide a happy cultural twist that gets people talking and interacting.3

Prestigious culinary awards and more

We are the only catering company in the Nordics to ever be nominated for a prestigious culinary award (“Årets Banbrytare 2018 by WhiteGuide”) and awarded “Best International Dining Experience 2020” and “Most Socially-Conscious Caterer”

Direct socioeconomic support to immigrants.

Every catering order we receive contributes directly to creating jobs, integration opportunities & economic sustainability for immigrants.

What people say about gastronaut catering stockholm:

“The food at the event was incredible. The Somalian brioche was a mind-opener!” // Daniel Daboczy - CEO, Funded By Me

“We used Gastronaut Catering Stockholm for our corporate dinner of 70 people. Super fine and smooth service both before, during and after dinner. Great buffet with absolutely fantastic dishes. Everything was delicious. A well-organised event. Highly recommended.” // Jenny Wahlgren - Architect, AHRBOM & PARTNER

“I got so much love for the food. Choosing Gastronaut Catering Stockholm was a no-brainer: the same happened last time. So, here I forward that love to you. Make sure to share some of it with the chefs!” // Set Hallström - Community Manager

“Last night we asked the participants what they enjoyed the best and most of them shouted: Food!!!” // Erika Szentmartoni - Program Coordinator

REQUEST AN OFFER from Gastronaut catering Stockholm EASILY:

Click on “request an offer” to be guided through 5 very quick and easy questions so we can learn your catering needs & wishes. When we receive your request, an expert catering manager will get back to you with a customised menu proposal specifically tailored to your request.

We always respond within 6 business hours or less.

You are always welcome to send us your feedback on our menu proposal so your we can modify it accordingly until you are 200% satisfied. Of course, we can accommodate allergies and other requests.

Let us do the work while you enjoy our complimentary food-concierge service, no matter your budget or the size of your order!

EXPLORE Gastronaut catering Stockholm:

See the various serving options to give your guests the best experience!

Catering For Companies

Spend less time planning and more time enjoying the food that’s right for you!

Prestigious culinary awards and more

We are the only catering company in the Nordic region that has received the highest culinary awards

Supporting immigrants & Social Responsibility

You contribute directly to creating a better society every time you order from Gastronaut.


At Gastronaut we speak English, Chinese, Spanish, Greek, French and bad Swedish. Not Swedish… BAD Swedish. We try to learn and practice the language with every chance we get. Kind of like this:

Om du kontaktar oss vi kan inte lova att vi ska svara på svenska. Det vi kan lova är att vi ska erbjuda till dig den bästa customer service du har någonsin fått. Vi kan också lova att du och dina gäster ska verkligen njuta av extremt god och minnesvärt mat. Den bästa maten du har smakat!

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